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Since our company owns Japan's largest lumber machine, it can be a big tree lumber.
We manufacture the wooden mast of a ship dedicated

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The mast of the San Juan Bautista number is manufactured.

At our company, three masts of the wooden foreign style sailing boat "San Juan Bautista number" which went and came back to the Pacific Ocean in 1613 (Keicho 18 years) requested from the Miyagi San Juan hall were manufactured.

Asahi newspaperDigital Articles May 14, 2013

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Concerning [ in Aichi Prefecture / with lumber ] five decades.
Lumber of an internal and external needle-leaf tree, a broadleaf tree, hard wood, large wood, and a long picture is possible.
I am answering to all needs with the clear technology cultivated for years from general lumber to wood for fittings, musical instrument material, shrines-and-temples material, and special lumber.
Not only the Tokai district but north comes to Hokkaido, and south has the visitor coming by recent years from the Japan whole country to Kyushu.
Lumber of a log thick and long at the greatest sawmill in Japan is also possible.
With high technology and nature, it corresponds also to difficult processing.
Since correspondence can be impossible, I am allowed to carry out the notice of the order from visitors with ordinary our company execuse me.
Moreover, a sale of material wood and a lumber article is not made in principle.

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