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 Lumber of a needle-leaf tree, a broadleaf tree, hard wood, large 径木, and a long picture is possible.
With high technology and nature, it corresponds also to difficult processing.
ホーム 会社案内 施設・設備 製材・特殊加工 地図・アクセス

It sees with a big map.

Access to yatomi lumber
It is just 5 minutes down Ise Gulf motorway Tobishima IC.

Access from the Central Japan International Airport
Is about 35 minutes via the Chita Peninsula road Ise Gulf motorway Tobishima IC.

Access from Nagoya Station
It is a 5-minute Aonamisen Kinjo Pier station get off cars. I will come to pick you up to the station.

Access from Osaka
It is 40 minutes about 1 hour from Suita IC Meishin Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka motorway via Ise Gulf motorway Tobishima Suita IC.

Access from Tokyo

It is about 3 hours and 40 minutes from the Tomei Expressway via Ise Gulf motorway Tobishima IC Tokyo.

1-38, Kusunoki-cho,Yatomi-city,

AICHI , 498-0066 JAPAN


株式会社ヤトミ製材 〒498-0066 愛知県弥富市楠1丁目38番地  

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